Objectives of Kashmir Cultural Board

  1. The top purpose of KCB is to struggle for the survival of Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan at any platform.
  2. Fully Believe on The Oneness of ALLAH and Hazrat Muhammad (SAWWS) and take practical steps to promote our culture. K.C.B will play role to promote, Kashmir, Gilgit Balti, Pakhtoon, Punjabi, Sindhi and Balochi Culture.
  3. The network of KCB will be spread wrest of the world, the Head office will in Muzaffarabad, and KCB also will establish Regional, Provisional and District Offices.
  4. KCB will introduce all aspects of culture national and international level, through natives of Kashmir, Gilgit, KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan, who are working abroad.
  5. Look after of Archeology and culture promoters, The Head/In charge in other country will be the country head who will be from Kashmir, Gilgit, KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan. He will have the authority equal to Central Chief Controller General. Country Direcector will perform according to Central Chairman and Chief Organizer/founder’s written Instructions. He will fully bound to make sure timely performance/implementation of allocated responsibilities.
  6. Promotion and preservation of Kashmir, Gilgit Balti Culture, heritage and languages along with all four provinces of Pakistan.
  7. Presentation of cultural, Political and social programs with funny and interesting way.
  8. Encouragement of Archeology, Organizing of seminars and Debates.
  9. Protect our culture to foreigner cultures and struggle for promotion of our own culture.
  10. Kashmir Cultural Board, Constitution No 2012 will be applied; Constitution will be implemented very after the Board’s establishment.
  11. Kashmir Cultural Board has its own Monogram.
  12. KCB has its own flag, that can use on vehicle and office of KCB, Kashmiri and Pakistani flag also will be necessary for central office bearers. Central office bearers will use flag after the approval of BODs, Board can allow them, Name plates and designations of KCB also can be mentioned by central office bearers on their vehicle.
  13. Kashmir Cultural Board’s BODs will be appointed through elections after two (2) years.

Basic Objectives of Kashmir Cultural Board

  1. Completation of the Mission of Syed Ameer Kabir Ali Hamdani (R.A).
  2. KCB Will takes practical steps to generate livelihoods for Communities.
  3. Establishment of “Lok Versa Centres” at country level is too a basic objective.
  4. Establishment of KCB Hospitals.
  5. Plantation, Skilled and Green Kashmir, Motivation and Trainings for Agriculture promotion.
  6. Practical Steps for community awareness.
  7. Each member of KCB will perform volunteerly, but during the projects the staff will be paid.
  8. KCB will motivate youth towards healthy activities through its standard programs. Arts exhibitions also mentioned in KCB basic Objectives.KCB also will support to its volunteerly performing office bearers, in shape of House Construction, Financial support and medical facility, after any natural disaster.
  9. Organizing of” lesson learning and Character building Stage show” and “Documentaries” in available Auditorium.
  10. Proper Utilization of Collected fund for human welfare and development.
  11. Launch of daily and Monthly KCB NEWS
  12. Establishment of KCB TV Channel Network
  13. Skilled Trainings for youth to Reduce and elimination of unemployment.
  14. Establishment of Schools, Collages and Universities to promote Research and Education.
  15. Maintenance and proper Tendance of Archeology Heritage.
  16. Practical steps to promote and development of all aspects of Environment and Tourism.
  17. Promotion of Local Industries.
  18. Establishment of Organization Welfare Fund, for the purpose of Organizational Improvement and Development.

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