K.C.B Board of Directors

Abdul Rasheed Turabi

Supreme Head Board of Directors

Abdul Rasheed Turabi is an important figure of Azad Kashmir politics, He Leads a Political and religious Party. He Belongs to District Bagh Azad Kashmir; He has been worked as a student leader during his collage like. His Academic qualification is Masters in Different subjects. He also has been worked as Member legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. During his Assembly membership he performed a unique role for public. His Political career is very admirable.During different emergency situations he worked for thousands of households in shape of relief, education, health facilities, emergency services, etc.Mr., Abdul Rasheed Turabi also educated a major number of students towards their right goals. He performed a unique role to aware the local communities to uplift their life styles. As a social worker and a political leader his character is follow able for public.As a part of Kashmir Cultural Boar he fully facilitated for a better shape of organization to promote and preserve local Kashmiri culture. He also did a great job to get closer Kashmiri and Gilgiti Public towards same culture.

President of the State of Azad Jammu and Kashmir

Chief Excutive Board of Directors:

Mr. President of Azad Kashmir Mr. Sardar Masood Khan is the Chief Excutive of KCB Board of Directors.

His vision is to introduce the idea of community participation at grass root level by creating mass political awareness amongst the general masses. He is Chief Excutive Board of Directors. He played a unique role to develop and up gradation of KCB.


Shah Ghulam Qadir

Governor Board of Directors


1991 to 2016 Elected member of AJK Legislative Five times 1991,1996,2001,2006 and 2016

1991 Parliamentary Secretary

1994 Minister for information and Social Welfare.

2001 Minister for Finance, Planning & Development and Rehabilitation

2004 & 2005 Chairman Rules and Privileges Committee

2006 Speaker Legislative Assembly

Nisar Ur Rehman

Chairman Board of Directors KCB

Nisar Ur Rehman S/O Abdul Majeed is the Chairman Board of Directors. His Academic Qualification is B.Com; DPA (Diploma in Public Administration).He is from Muzaffarabad. He is very famous social worker of Azad Kashmir, he also known by his Business; He also has a brilliant political career, as a social and political worker he worked for community development all around the Azad Kashmir. He is a Member of Jammu and Kashmir Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JKCCI), across the border (LOC) he has done great struggle to promote cross border trade both side of Kashmir, Azad Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir.
Mr. Nisar Ur Rehman Abbasi is an important part of KCB since two years, but during this short period he brought KCB to right directions, He currently is Chairman BODs of KCB. His expertise are very helpful for KCB,s Progress and performance.


Prime Minister of AJ&K

Supreme Head of K.C.B & Member Board of Directors

Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan ( راجہ محمد فاروق حیدر خان‎), Prime Minister of Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir, elected as Leader of House Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu and Kashmir on 31st July, 2016. Raja Muhammad Farooq Haider Khan belongs to a well known political family & inherited the career from his family, his father Raja Muhammad Haider Khan (Late) led the Muslim Conference being the President of Muslim Conference two times i.e. in 1960 & 1963. His mother Mohterma Saeeda Khan (late) holds the honor to be the first female Member of AJ&K Legislative Assembly in the history of Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

His uncle Raja Muhammad Latif Khan was elected as a Member of AJ&K Legislative Assembly in 1970. His sister Miss Naureen Haider also remained a Member of AJ&K Legislative Assembly from 1991 to 1996.

As a social worker has done great activities. He launched lot of public welfare projects and programs at Azad Kashmir level, He is a social minded person and during different difficult situations in AJK he always works together his companions for public. He as a supreme Head of K.C.B worked to Promote Organizational capacity and cultural promotion. He is culture oriented personality. As a member board of directors he always directed for right directions.

Official Address: Prime Minister Secretariat Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muzaffarabad and Kashmir House Islamabad

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan

Chief Controller General (KCB) Member Board of Director

Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan took oath as prime minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir on July 24, 2006 and on 28 July, 2010 for the second time. He is son of a renowned political, social, intellectual figure and supreme head of “All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference” Sardar Abdul Qayyum Khan who has the unique distinction of serving as prime minister and president of Azad Government of the State of Jammu & Kashmir.
He was incumbent elected “Prime Minister” of Azad Government of the State of Jammu and Kashmir for the second time. Sardar Attique Ahmed Khan unanimously reelected President of “All Jammu and Kashmir Muslim Conference,” the largest political party and harbinger of political emancipation of Kashmiri people in 2005.
He got credit in presenting ten points proposal before the United Nations, OIC Foreign Minister Conference Contact Group in UN HQ’s New York, held on September 20-25, 2006 over Kashmir issue were adopted by the annual coordinating meeting of the 57 member countries of OIC. He also led many political and diplomatic missions on sensitive regional issues to the United Nations, Middle East, Europe, The United States of America, and Asia and achieved excellent results compatible to the desires of the masses.
He elected five times, member Legislative Assembly (MLA) & Prime Minister of the State of Azad Jammu & Kashmir before recently assuming the office of Prime Minister. As prime minister, he introduced the concept of public-private partnership in the society with exclusive emphasis on equal gender employment opportunities and institutionalized the vision of “Green and Skilled Kashmir” with special emphasis to bring in awareness among general public on global warming, environmental development, youth rehabilitation etc.
The ideas initiated in print media have been widely capitalized by target audience with far reaching consequences. He also participated in various seminars and conferences over socio-politico and religious affairs held worldwide. Besides masters degree in International Relations, he Qualified “Arabic language” two years course from renowned Medina University Saudi Arabia. He is an articulate communicator with deep insight in conflict management.

Chief Minister Gilgit Baltistan Council

Central Governor General (K.C.B) Member Board of Directors

Syed Mehdi Shah S/O Syed Ali Shah, Born In 1954, He belong to Gilgit Baltistan. He is Graduate in Political Sciences; He is the Chief Minister of Gilgit Baltistan Council. He started his political career since 1971, He Played Very Responsible roles during his Political career. He elected through Election which were held in 2010.He had been worked lot of different Developmental Projects and schemes for Gilgit Baltistan. He has huge interactions to different international Non Govt and Govt organizations, institutes and departments. He played a very unique role to establishment of Kashmir Cultural Board and to bring closer two same regions (AJK and GB).He has a great potential to promote culture and elimination of poverty and unemployment through skills. Syed Mehdi Shah played an unforgettable role to develop and upgrade KCB according to the need of the time. He is Central Governor General of KCB since 2013.He is important part of KCB. He is central Governor General of Kashmir Cultural Board and important member BODs.

Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan

Member Board of Directors:

 Mr. Sardar Haji Muhammad Yaqoob Khan is the Chief Excutive of KCB Board of Directors. Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan S/O Sardar Gul Muhammad Khan born on 1953 in village of Poonch named Ali Sojal (Rawalakot AJ&K) is renowned figure in political scenario. He qualified himself with graduation having an excellent language proficiency in Urdu, Arabic and English. He started his political career in early age after college education as a Central Officer bearer of Punjabi Pakhtoon Itehad in Karachi then he became Senior Vice President Tehreek Amel Party Azad Jammu & Kashmir and contested Election of Provincial Assembly of Sindh at Karachi and subsequently Azad Jammu & Kashmir Legislative Assembly. He is dually elected as Member Legislative Assembly of AJK. He remained minister for Health, Population Welfare & Hydro Electric Board, and Housing & Planning from 2001-2006 and in 2009. On January 06, 2009, he became Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. In 2011, he elected again and took oath as President of Azad Jammu & Kashmir . He is also a renowned businessman and having credit of establishing Industry in Karachi and Azad Kashmir. He has a vast experience of travelling abroad i.e. Middle East, Europe, Africa, America and China both as businessman as well as politician. Sardar Muhammad Yaqoob Khan has an outstanding look on the political set-up of AJ&K. His vision is to introduce the idea of community participation at grass root level by creating mass political awareness amongst the general masses. He is Chief Excutive Board of Directors. He played a unique role to develop and up gradation of KCB.

Chaudhry Abdul Majeed,
Member Board of Directors

Chaudhry Abdul Majeed, His father’s name is Ch. Lal Khan from district Mir Pur AJK. He is B.A L.L.B. He is also the party President of PPP AJK. He elected sixth time as member of Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Prior to this position, he has served as Minister for revenue & agriculture Azad Govt. of state of Jammu and Kashmir, Speaker Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir from 1998 to 2001, and Opposition leader from 4th February 2011 to 26th July 2011. He has also made extensive visits to foreign like Europe, America and Middle East.

As a social worker Chaudhry Abdul Majeed has done great activities. He launched lot of public welfare projects and programs at Azad Kashmir level, He is a social minded person and during different difficult situations in AJK he always works together his companions for public. He as a supreme Head of K.C.B worked to Promote Organizational capacity and cultural promotion. He is culture oriented personality. As a member board of directors he always directed for right directions.

Home Address: Village .Tang Dhou House No 167-G Sector F/2 Mir Pur Azad Kashmir
Official Address: Prime Minister Secretariat Azad Jammu and Kashmir Muzaffarabad and Kashmir House Islamabad


Sardar Ghulam Sadiq

Member  Board of Directors

Father’s Name: Subadar Bagga Khan
Marital Status: Married
Religion: Islam
Education: B.A
Party Affiliation: Pakistan Peoples Party

POLITICAL HISTORY: Elected 3rd time as Member Legislative Assembly of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and he have served as Advisor to Prime minister of Pakistan Syed Yousaf Raza Gillani and member Public Accounts Committee Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

FOREIGN TOURS: UEA, Australia, UK and Saudi Arabia


HOME ADDRESS: Phagwati Hajeera Azad Kashmir

Chaudhry Muhammad Pervaz Ashraf

Chief Administrator (K.C.B) & Member Board of Directors

Pervaz Ashraf the Minister for Physical Planning & Housing And Public Health, Azad Jammu & Kashmir.Pervaiz Ashraf Son of Late Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf who was a renewed Sufi politician in whole of District Bhimber and District Mirpur AJK. Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf was selected as the Chairman District Administrator when Mirpur and Bhimber was one district. He was elected in Kashmir Legislative Assembly several times and held the post of advisor to the Prime Minister Chaudhry Pervaiz Ashraf his son took control and came to the scene of politics as young as sixteen years of age. He had been selected member district councilor at a very young age. Afterwards Chaudhry Muhammad Ashraf retired and paved way for his bright young son.
Chaudhry Pervaiz Ashraf has so far has contested six General Elections for the AJK assembly from constituency of LA-V Barnala. He has won the elections four times. Previously he has held the portfolios of Minister for Electricity, Minister for Rural and Local Development and currently he is in the cabinet as the minister for Physical Planning & Housing and he also holds the portfolio of Public Health after winning the 26 June 2011 AJK general elections from LA-V Barnala .His Academic Qualification is:LLB, University of the Punjab, Masters Political Sciences, GC University Lahore, Masters History, GC University Lahore, He is with Kashmir Cultural Board Since 1990 as Central Chief Administrator. His native area is District Bhimber Azad Kashmir. He is a senior politician of Azad Kashmir, He serve as a minister since long time, his social working career is also very admirable. His phone rings 24/7, someone is always on the other end with an issue and he is always there to resolve their issues and problems for them As a Central Chief Administer his services for KCB are unforgettable for organization, He always played a unique role to brought KCB towards right directions. During his political career he serves at huge level for public, especially after earthquake in AJK his coordination with donor agencies and implementing partners is very follow able for others. He facilitated whole donor agencies and INGOs and NGOs to launch mega projects. He also has great exposure of international countries and embassies of the countries.Pervaz Ashraf also played a admirable role to organize and mange the mega functions of KCB all around the country.

Vice Chancellor University of Azad Kashmir

Chief Controller Research & education (K.C.B) Member Board of Directors

Dr. Syed Dilnawaz Ahmad Gardezi is the vice chancellor of University of Azad kashmir,He Belongs to District Poonch, Azad kashmir,According to KCB Role and regulations, Vice chancellor of UAJK will the Central Chief Controller Research And Education of K.C.B.He completed his PhD in 1990 from UK & post Doc in Plant Biotechnology. Working as Professor (TTS) Plant Molecular genetics/ Genetic Engineering; Research work is on the medicinal plants, Bio-fortification and disease resistance in Cereals, won Best teacher, Star laureate, Best researcher awards. Published 5 books & +100 papers.He is a very Famous name of the field of Research and Education; he has world wide exposure of research. He serving as an expert educator since a long time in Azad Kashmir, National and international Level. He has been a part of world famous universities as a research fellow. He also worked in Agriculture and veterinary sector at huge level.Honorable Mr. Gardezi is a very famous name of education sector wrest of the world.Currently he is Serving in university of Azad Kashmir as Vice Chanceller, He worked hard to improve and develop the university progress.Dr Syed Dilnawaz Gardezi is an important part of KCB as Central Chief Controller Research & Education and member board of directors. He did a unique work for KCB to bring towards right directions.

Sardar Gull-e-Khandan

Central in Charge (K.C.B) & Member Board of Directors

Sardar Gull-e-Khandan is a very famous politician of Azad Kashmir, He belongs to District Neelum, He started his political career since 1979 as a member of District Council. During his membership he done lot of public works and solved a major number of public issues.In 1985 to 1990 for five years he elected as a Member Legislative Assembly (MLA) from his area. He performed as a real public social worker for the development of community. He launched lot of community development projects in all around the Kashmir.
Mr. Sardar Gull-e-Khandan again elected for five years in 1991 to 1996 as Minister for Tourism, Wild life and AKLAS. During his five years tenure he played a great role to develop tourism sector all hilly areas of Azad Kashmir, he also focused on wild life betterment and survival, along with he developed the timber business from Gov,t level. He made AKLAS as a main revenue generating source.In 2006 to 2009 he selected as chairman Assessment/Inspection commission.Currently He is Honorary Central In charge and member board of directors. As a member board of director he performed very unique role to enhance organizational progress.

Ahmad Ata Ullah Atta

Chief Advisor Languages, Art and Archeology (KCB). Member Board of Director

Ata Ullah Ata (Ahmad Ata Ullah) Belongs to Muzaffarabad, he serving in govt sector as a managing director in the corporation of small industries, He also is very famous because of his written books of poetry. He iwss a very talented official of Azad Kashmir.His studied from Government Collage University Lahore, during his education he also performed as a talented student, for example During His GCU days he became a senior Member, General Secretary of Majlis-e-Iqbal, President of Majlis-e-Sufi Tabbasum, and General Secretary of Punjabi Majlis.His most apprciatable services are ”Member Halqa Arbab-e-Zouq, Since 1985.,Honorary President of “Kashmir Literary Forum” Muzaffarabad, Youth Talent Award, Year 1989,Served as Lecture of Urdu at Authmuqam Degree College (1991-95),Selected as Civil Servant (Assistant Commissioner) in Year 1995 and served in five sub-divisional and as Deputy Commissioner in Distt. Neelum.
Currently he playing a unique a developing role in small industries corporatation in AJK, He is very interested to promote local industries and adoption of it from local communities as revenue generating field of business. He also working for art and crafts promotion,As an active Gov, t official he very actively performs to introduce local handicrafts at global level.
He also done an appriciatable work in literature he wrote a number of Literary Articles in Literary Magazines, Two Literary Collection in year 2000 and 2011, One Poetic Work earned “Perveen Shakir” Award year 2011.Mr. Ata Ullah Ata (Ahmad Ata Ullah) is also important part of Kashmir Cultural Board as a Chief Advisor, Languages, Heritages and Archeology. He also important member of K.C.B Board of Directors, His advises and guidelines are very important for KCB, he always brought KCB towards the right direction.

Mrs. Tanveer Latif

Central Chairperson “Woman Wing” (K.C.B), Member Board of Directors

Mrs.Tanveer Latif as a Chairperson Textbook Board, AJK (Jan 2012 to date) performing her best result oriented duties in AJK Gov, t. Her brilliant experience is now a attestation for the success of Gov,t and Non Gov,t projects and programs .Now she is an important part of Kashmir Cultural Board, She is Honorary Central Chairperson (Women Wing) in KCB and also Member Board of Directors.With an experience of a about 40 years of career based on teaching, text book development and management, She has the honor of being the only female from AJK to receive constitutional award of Tamgha-e-Imtiaz (Medal of Distinction) by President of Pakistan for textbook development spreading over 23 years. She was awarded Kashmir award by AJK Government on her book under the title “Women of Kashmir” and publicly appreciated as interviewer and eminent speaker of AJK Radio and Television. She successfully managed and completed USAID funded RISE Project of AIR as Director AJK Gov,t Liaison / Teacher Training. She also successfully managed project visits of Mission Director USAID, US Ambassador and high officials by bridging between high ups in AJK Gov’t such as President, Prime Minster and establishing liaison with officials of AIR and US authorities. RISE USAID remained most popular and result oriented project in AJK, wherein, her efforts and quality of liaison and goodwill among the civil society were a major contributing factor. Apart from other facets of education and curriculum development, I specialize in developing basic competencies of children.

Ishfaq Tareen

Senior Central Vice Chairman, Member Board of Directors (K.C.B)

Muhammad Ishfaq Tareen Belongs to District Muzaffarabad, He is also senior vice chairman of KCB, Basically he is a famous Business man of Azad Kashmir, But parallel he continues his social activities to give a better placement of local poor families, He also has been did great jobs to make better lives of poor students and local communities. He launched lot of community development projects through local NGOs. He is also founder of Traders Joint Action Committee.He is with KCB since day first, as a member BOD he played a nice role to better performance and brings organization towards right directions.

Ameer Ul Azeem

Provisional Chairman (Punjab) Member Board of Directors (K.C.B)

AMEER-UL-AZIM Born in Lahore at3rd Oct, 1958.His Academic Qualification is MBA, MA from Punjab University Lahore. He is a famous Social worker of Punjab; His Social Activities Short sketch is as under:

He was the Member Islami Jamiat Talaba (1977-87), the greatest and nationwide Organization of students.
– Active participation in IJT during 1977-87.
– Elected as Nazim-e-Aala, Central President 1986-88.
– President, Punjab University Students Union in 1983.
– Member Punjab University Senate and Syndicate 1982-84.
– Member Asian Students Association 1980-86 and attended

Conferences and Seminars held in Hong Kong, Bangkok and Malaysia.

– Director, International Islamic Federation of Students Organization(IIFSO) 1980-87.Visited Turkey, Malaysia, Nepal, Sri-Lanka, India, Bangladesh,Singapore, Sudan and Maldives, attended workshops and seminars Over there.
– Elected member of the Executive Committee,

Pakistan Advertising Association, Zone “B” for the year 2005-2006

– Secretary Information, Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan 1989-2006
– Ameer Jarnaat-e-lslarni, Lahore. 2008

His BUSINESS Background

– Director Islamic Publication (Pvt) Ltd. A publisher of Islamic Books.
– Chief Executive Future Visions Advertising

Dealing in Press Ads, T.V Commercials, and Printing& Packaging etc. He is also Provisional Chairman of KCB for Punjab. He is with KCB since 2014.He performed a unique role to introduce and promote culture at national level. He is an important part of KCB.

Azad Kashmir