Q: is it a part of Gov, t?

A: No it’s totally non Gov, t organization, it registered in AJK as a Organization

Q: Is it and Kashmir Cultural Academy are same?

A: No it’s a separate non govt organization

Q: Are all Position holders are paid employees?

A: No only core staff is paying staff, Staff of projects too.

Q: Is it working for other fields of life uplifting?

A: yes K.C.B have a detail plan to work in the field of education development, health and care, internally culture exchanging, International Linkages development, Agriculture as a Source of income, Handicrafts as a livelihood, safe and pure water provision, Community Physical Infrastructure Construction, Social Development, etc.

Q: Is it working to learn dance, fast Music etc?

A: No it’s not for dance promotion, because culture is not only name of dance, Culture covered whole aspects of life, So KCB working to promote the real Culture of Kashmir and provide trainings for skills enhancement.

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