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Who We Are


Initially Kashmir Art Council was established at 9 November 1988; later on Kashmir Art Council was modified with the name of Kashmir National Council of the Arts on 9 November 1990.Now onward Kashmir Cultural Board was formed on 12th April 2012 with official declaration. Kashmir Art Council and Kashmir National Council of the Art has been unified in Kashmir Cultural Board, and Finally it reorganized with a permanent Name “Kashmir Cultural Board” (K.C.B) K.C.B is a Registered non government organization, The top aim of K.C.B is to promote the cultural heritage of Kashmir and enhance the skills of local communities of the world through trainings and different ways. The diversified landscape of the Kashmir remained one of the most fascinating destinations of the world beside the naturally endowed beauty its culture is also famous around the world due to its uniqueness

The unmatchable natural heterogeneous landscape influenced the people of Kashmir to adopt certain customs and traditions. The world is yet to know the blend of the beauty flourished during many decades in Kashmir. It is considered that the culture of Kashmir is diverse blend and highly influenced by northern South Asian and as well as central Asian culture.

Our Mission

Basically KCB working at the mission of Syed Ameer Kabir Ali Hamdani (R.A) well known by the name of “Shah Hamdan” The K.C.B is aimed to introduce and promote the cultural heritage of Kashmir which is based on the values of humanism and tolerance and the base of Kashmir is formally started by The Holy Person of This Region “Syed Ameer Kabir Ali Hamdani” (R.A). He Worked for Humanity and Delievered different skills to local communities as livelihood and a permanent source of income.
KCBs mission is to reduce the unemployment ration through Kashmiri traditional skill like handicrafts, Shawl Weaving, Carpet Weaving, caligraphy,.Reductuin of poverty and unemployment through Arts and crafts,Retracking of Traditional Agriculture (Horticulture,floriculture,sericulture etc).Famous kashmiri handicrafts are Embriodry,carpet weaving, walnut wood work,Numda,Gubba,Kashmiri Shawls,papier machie,leather work,etc.at the other side kashmiri soil is one of the most fertilized soil of the world specific for some very costly fruits and dry fruits, like Apple,pears,orange,apricoat,walnuts, pomegranate, plum, persimmon, and same situation is in the field of vegitables,any type of vegetables were cultivated in previous times, a very famous product from kashmiri is,”Zahfran”,its only germinates in the soil of Kashmir, but major number of kashmiri formers now avoids to cultivate vegetables and also shortage of annual plantation of fruits plants. This is because that new generation even doesn’t know about the especiality of their soil, and its production power. so we also have a mission to aware those type of communities, motivate them, trained them towards agriculture and facilitate them to soil preparation, Proper plot preparation, with the help of traditional and advance techniques cultivativation, after that fully trained them about value chain mechanism, marketing etc.
Parallel these upper mentioned activities KCB have a mission to educate the local communities towards the latest technologies of the world and the technical education to retrack the local industries like handicrafts, carpets weaving, shawl weaving,Embriodry, Namda, Gubba,Leather products manufacturing etc.
Establishment of Shah Hamdan arts and crafts University and establishment of Shah Hamdan Hospital is also prior part of KCB, s Mission. Establishment of Kashmiri Arts and crafts centres world wide through KCB Networks. Provision of safe and pure water in deprived areas. International Linkages development and globally introduction of Kashmiri Culture and products.
The major theme of our mission is preserve and promote culture and skills enhancement, other all components are parallel.

What We Do

The centrally aim of Kashmir Cultural Board is to Enhance the skills of Local Communities, Preserve and Promote the Culture through Different Projects, Cultural Shows, festivals, exhibitions, Campaigns, Documentaries, and through publications. K.C.B has a close collaboration and coordination with Government Departments, Semi Government Organizations, on Government organizations, INGOs, Trust, Welfare societies, and charity Organizations and Donner Agencies.
Much emphasize is given to organize different programs for whole of the year, envisaged to familiarize the people of the state and Pakistan with its heritage. We could hope that these efforts will be helpful to further strengthen the relations with kashmiries living on both side of line of control and Pakistan. Looking forward for your participation and keen interest in promotion of the cultural heritage around the globe.
A major number of political parties representatives and Serving Prime Minister, President, Speaker Of Legislative assembly Chief Ministers and Ministers are very important part of KCB, but on this plate form they are totally for non political Struggle to Preserve and promote our culture.KCB platform never ever allow any political OR religious figure to use this plate form for any irrelevant purposes. At the other side KCB also believe on impariiality,equality,Unirty,humanity service, independently struggle, No discrimination between,Religions,Masalik,Fiqa,Race,Tribe and cost,.

”KCB is a “Bouquet” of all schools of thoughts like beautiful flower”
Moto of K.C.B
“We serve the affections”.

A human known by his face and a nation by his culture, if you want to destroy any nation, destroy the culture of that nation, nation will be automatically destroyed. So we never want that our nation destroy .Therefore the establishment of the Kashmir cultural board is a unique step, all credit goes to central 313 and District level 182 designation holders.

Kashmir Cultural Board also has a code of conduct and organizational constitution. Frequently changes of time demands to link up the Islamic constitution to Modern demands, therefore K.C.B members of the Board organized a constitutional committee, Members of the committee members ask for proposals to Board, in accordance to that proposals Committee finalized a constitution for Kashmir Cultural Board. All members of the KCB approved this constitution in a meeting of Board at 12 April 2012.All members of the KCB and especially the founder and chief organizer Syed Ali Asghar Masoom are very admirable and appriciatable for The finalization and completion of the constitution. We also praying to ALLAH that “In the shape of KCB he gave us an international reorganization, it may survive and strengthen. and all members may have a national and cultural passion, and serve with this passion for Country along with Kashmir,Gilgit Baltistan,KPK,Punjab,Sindh and Balochistan,s cultural protection ,And promotion of education, Health and Hygiene Promotion,Livelihood,History,Awareness,Social Development,Handicrafts,paper mashi,International Relations and promotion of Culture at international level, Promotion of agriculture, and the promotion all aspects of which are related to our Country Pakistan’s survival.(Amin)

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